Welcome to Thesis Theme Tips

I’d like to take a moment to welcome you to Thesis Theme Tips. The place, I hope, that will be your one stop place for tips and trick using the Thesis theme from DIYThemes.

Why create Thesis Theme Tips

Over the past several years I have used a number of WordPress themes and frameworks. I started by editing free themes to create what I needed. I then found the Genesis framework.

I quickly went through a few others, such as the Catalyst framework (this has now changed into Dynamik on Genesis. I then spent a few years using Ultimatum, moved onto Divi and most recently finally went to Thesis.

I’d been looking at the Thesis framework for a number of years, I believe it was a good middle ground – but it is quite difficult to find good info (other than at least one currently paid source) on how to build with Thesis framework.

Now that I have purchased it, and have built a site or two using paid skins, I want to continue my learning. This site will be used to document the things I find, and at the same time, hopefully, be a source for others who are learning Thesis to come to and gain the knowledge and info they need.

What do I expect to cover?

I expect to cover as much as possible. I want to give you all the information – so, from small CSS changes and hacks through to whopping Php changes. I am looking to cover it all.

I also hope as I learn more, to give video and courses to show these tricks and tips.

Come and join the journey with me

So, if you have come to this site at the start (today) or if its years down the line from now – please come and join the journey, hopefully, the tips will help and if you see anything missing or would like to add something yourself – then please do join the conversation.

All that’s left to say is – Welcome and I hope you enjoy and find what you are looking for.

About the author: I’m a Software Engineer by trade and for a while I have been spending my time creating Websites and Blogs with Wordpress. I recently started to use the Thesis Framework and found only a few tutorials and help. So, I started this site to document what I learn and to share with others. I’m also available to help on a one to one basis for those that would like to work with me.

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