Bold Headline

Changing you post headline to be bold

To make your posts stand out, you may want to change your post headline to be bold – to emphasize them. This can be done very simply by doing the following change. Note: This change is required to be done in the custom CSS part of you Thesis menu. This change is done in the [...]

The visual builder page

Changing your blog posts to show excerpt

As default for the Thesis Classic Skin, your posts show the complete content on the main screen and not just an excerpt. This post tip will show you how to change that so that you get just an excerpt and not the full post – making your posts screen look neater, tidier and more professional. [...]

Text widget in sidebar

How to remove the text widget from the sidebar

If you’re new to Thesis, you may be wondering how to remove that text widget from the sidebar. It’s not really intuitive on how it’s done, so I thought I would break it down into easy to follow steps. 1) First, go to the Thesis -> Skin Content menu Firstly, in your Wordpress backend, go [...]

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Welcome to Thesis Theme Tips

I’d like to take a moment to welcome you to Thesis Theme Tips. The place, I hope, that will be your one stop place for tips and trick using the Thesis theme from DIYThemes. Why create Thesis Theme Tips Over the past several years I have used a number of Wordpress themes and frameworks. I started [...]