Changing you post headline to be bold

Bold Headline

To make your posts stand out, you may want to change your post headline to be bold – to emphasize them. This can be done very simply by doing the following change.

Note: This change is required to be done in the custom CSS part of you Thesis menu. This change is done in the Classic Responsive theme but may work for others.

To make this change, follow these steps below.

1) Navigate to the Thesis -> Custom CSS menu item

From your WordPress backend, navigate to the Thesis Menu, then the Custom CSS menu item.

When done, you will see an edit box on the right-hand side of the form, and if no existing Custom CSS exists, it will be started at #1

Custom CSS Menu Item

Custom CSS Menu Item

Note: All Custom CSS for your skin should be done here. This is the correct place to add it so that it does not get overwritten for any Framework or Skin updates.

2) Copy and paste the below CSS code

Next, copy the below CSS and paste it into the edit box for Custom CSS.

.headline {
font-weight: bold;


Headline Custom CSS Added

Headline Custom CSS Added

3) You can preview the change before saving

You can preview the change you have made by clicking the Live Preview button at the top of the form. This will show you what your page will look like with the custom CSS applied BUT without you saving or having made the change yet.

Live Preview Button

Live Preview Button

4) Save the Custom CSS

If you’re happy with the change, click the green Save Custom CSS button at the top right of the form. This will save all your custom CSS that is entered into the form.

Save Custom CSS Button

Save Custom CSS Button

5) Check your page, the post headlines are now bold

Simply go to your blog page, all the post headlines will now be a bold font.

Simple change, dramatic change

Some a small and simple amount of CSS can dramatically change the look and feel of your page. This change makes the headlines stand out that much more, making it more striking and easier to see them at a glance.

Bold headlines can catch reader attention more, potentially raising their interest in posts.

Note: The changes in this post are for the Thesis Classic Responsive skin. Although some of the visual builder elements may be the same for other skins – the CSS changes may not work for other skins.

About the author: I’m a Software Engineer by trade and for a while I have been spending my time creating Websites and Blogs with Wordpress. I recently started to use the Thesis Framework and found only a few tutorials and help. So, I started this site to document what I learn and to share with others. I’m also available to help on a one to one basis for those that would like to work with me.

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